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Product and Supplies

DTS can supply you with Bosch, Buildex, Delta/JOBOX, Dewalt, Diablo, Eagle, Elco, Empire, Falltech, Freud, Guardian, Harrington, Intercorp, International Fasteners, Keson, Lackmond, Malco, Metabo, Maze Nail, Midwest, Minerallac, Milwaukee, National Nail, Newborn, PHD, Powers, Radians,Rivet & Eyelet, Rockhard, SFS, Seymour, Simpson, Stanley, United Abrasives, Voltec and many more suppliers and all kinds of hard to find fasteners and tools.

Please contact us at any time to place an order or if you have any questions that we can help you with, call, email or send us a text.

DTS looks forward to a creating a relationship serving customers with D=Dedication, T=Trust, S=Service.